We are the 99 percent. We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution. We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we're working at all. We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything. We are the 99 percent.

Brought to you by the people who occupy wall street. Why will YOU occupy?

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ATTENTION: Documentary filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart is looking to connect with people who have submitted their stories to We Are the 99 Percent. She would like to bring your stories to life in a new feature documentary film. You can contact her directly at bobbigotgame@hotmail.com if you would like to know more and explore being interviewed on camera.


Get Known

Let us know who you are. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that describes your situation - for example, “I am a student with $25,000 in debt,” or “I needed surgery and my first thought wasn’t if I was going to be okay, it was how I’d afford it.”

Below that, write “I am the 99 percent.”

Below that, write “occupywallst.org”

If you don’t show your whole face, please show at least part of it. Despite what the form says, you need not post your full name. Use a pseudonym if you’re not comfortable with a name.

Please have your note be hand written. We’ve found that notes written in marker, in large letters, come out the best, in terms of legibility.

Please do your best to be concise.

Put a face to the 99 percent. Let’s get known.

BTW regardless of what media types are writing, the only thing we are in charge of is this magic blogmachine.

ALSO — The Occupy Wall Street Archives Working Group, which collects and curates the artifacts of our movement for posterity, has informed us that they are also collecting signs written on We Are the 99 Percent for future preservation. If you have submitted a sign in the past, or are about to, please consider also sending the actual, physical sign to:

The UPS Store
118 A #205
New York, NY 10038
c/o Occupy Wall Street Archives!

So that your story may become part of our history.

If you are having problem with the editor, just take your picture and email it to: 99submissions@gmail.com