June 2013

who is the 1%

Here is a great article that explains who the 1% are: http://www.vanityfair.com/society/features/2011/05/top-one-percent-201105

and if you are more a person who likes films, check out “The One Percent”

it is available on Netflix, let us know what you think. 

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How can I help to make things better?

Organize with a local group. find one here: http://occupywallst.org/infotent/

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hi! i am doing protest at school and decided to write about ows' initial protest. thank you. you inspire me xoxo -a

You inspire us :)

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April 2013

Please tell me that the Occupy Movement is still alive and kicking! :( Or isn't it?

Yes it is, we are currently planning for MayDay. Go to http://occupywallst.org for details.

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What does the occupy movement want to accomplish?

An equitable world would be a good start. Someplace in which we could all have quality healthcare, education, childcare, and a life with respect.

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February 2013

On New Year's Eve I had a miscarriage at home. I do not have insurance and live off of $800.00 a month. If I called an ambulance I would not be able to afford to eat for months. I'm 32 years old and college educated. I do not have any debt. I am the 99%
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Wells Fargo is foreclosing on my property and I have been paying every single one of my monthly payments. All they have to do to get my property is file a notice of default wait 90 days then announce a sale date. If I want to defend myself I have to hire attorneys that I can not afford or lose my property. What recourse do I have? I have written to Kamala Harris but all I get is finger pointing at different agencies, such as Office of the comptroller, Consumer Financial and no response.

Get in touch with Occupy Homes.

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Explain to me how a person that makes a lot of money keeps me from my potential earning power.


Read more…

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What are we/you doing about this Congress? Do you understand the Republicans are now threatening to shut down this government over the debt limit? Why aren't we louder?

Because we are waiting for you to join us in the streets. http://directory.occupy.net

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So when is everyone grouping together again to form another nonviolent protest? After this recent tax increase and groceries going up, something needs to be done about those employed in Congress. We can't keep letting them run things the way they are now. So what is being planned?

Ask a local organizing group. Go to http://directory.occupy.net join a group, and brainstorm to plan out an action.

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November 2012

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October 2012

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September 2012

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August 2012

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Where do the 1%/99% come from.

We think from this article: http://www.vanityfair.com/society/features/2011/05/top-one-percent-201105

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I am a 56-year-old woman. I worked for Lockheed Martin for 35 years. I was laid-off just 3.5 years short from being able to collect a full pension. For each year before I am 59.5 years old my pension drops 5%, so if I put in for my retirement benefits now and draw my pension I would loose 15.5% of my pension. I worked 35 years, at the same time I went to college, graduated, and earned my bachelor’s degree. For what?! I now have to try and find a job at age 56.

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July 2012

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I am the 99% - I am a good man who has been taken to the edge of sanity by the world I live in. a world where people are rewarded disproportionately to their contribution to their fellow man. a world where a soccer player can earn enough in a week to buy a house, but where a nurse who saves and nurtures the lives of others is made to survive on a subsistence wage. I am the 99% and the time has come for us to take back our world.

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I am looking for a yard sign to support our thoughts help others.

Here is a great site to help you gather materials to spread the word. http://www.occupytogether.org/spreadtheword/

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How has this blog or other social networking sites helped the occupy movement grow and develop?

Start here to answer your question: http://whattheheckhasoccupydonesofar.com/

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what do you expect the future to be like?

We expect a future in which resources are equally allocated…. here is one vision: http://thevenusproject.com/en/the-venus-project/resource-based-economy

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How can I help

You can start by going to http://directory.occupy.net to find a local group,  or you can go to http://occupytogether.org to get a broader view of the movement and what is needed. If you are ready to join us in the streets, go to http://occupywallst.org to get of the moment updates.

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what is the reason behind occupying world street? answer me as soon as possible

You can read all of our original reasons here: http://www.nycga.net/resources/declaration/

and if you are one who appreciates things illustrated for you, try looking here: http://zoom.it/MFXB#full

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June 2012

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is the movement slowing down? how come its not being talked about as much as last year?

Because a successful movement that challenges corporate power is not something that the corporate media wants to report.

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How do older people with kids get involved in the movement? I feel I need to speak out, but being a stay at home mom limits my mobility.

Here is one way to show your public support

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What does the 99% mean?

You can read the definition here.

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how successful has the protest been so far

Very successful, check out some of the greatest hits here: http://whattheheckhasoccupydonesofar.com/

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I would be interrested in some of the results of the discussions about alternatives to our current social system/governemnt during the genreal assemblies, any links to summaries would be fascinating!


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How do we protest a college in St. Petersburg that sells and encourages a 4 yr degree program in radiology which required a 2.75 g.p.a. and I hold a 3.50 now going into the last semester, switched up their requirement to 3.75 Disqualifing me from entering the degree program. Obama's generous student loan and grant program put me 30,000 U.S.D. in debt. The college does not want to facilitate the increased demand in fear there would be empty classrooms after the new regieme.

Reach out to this guy: http://www.ag.arkansas.gov/contact_us.html he is trying to lead a national effort against for profit colleges- perhaps your story can make the difference. http://www.khozradio.com/13699/congress_asked_to_change_rule_on_forprofit_colleges.html

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